Sep 28, 2009

Sensible policies for a happier Britain

Just stumbled on this. Just what our country needs to bring us out of the recession.

(Please don't)

Sep 11, 2009

Ideas worth spreading

We've spent alot of time recently (exhausting our 5GB per month datacap) looking at seminars from TED, an invitation only conference that puts the presentations online for free.

From "five dangerous things for kids" to "why we do what we do" and "social innovation", these seminars make for excellent and thought provoking viewing.

Miss5 has even sat through a 'magic' presentation, wanting to watch it multiple times.

Now to watch a presentation about wireless electricity.

Please don't

Sep 7, 2009

more photos

More photos from the last week - this time, you can even see his little face!

sunbathing to help with some slight jaundice

Miss2 gets a chance to be a 'BIG sister'!

Our three children - aren't they beautiful?

Just to prove it hasn't been all baby all the time :)

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