Jun 30, 2008

draught-stop snake

Miss4 has been rather unwell the last few days, so we've been sticking close to home. We even stayed home from church yesterday morning (vomiting children should definitely stay home. From everything).

Since the weather was filthy we were doing 'inside things,' like sewing and knitting etc. After reading up on our electricity usage the previous night I had found that the only thing we are not currently already doing to the best of our ability (aside from solar water heating) was using draught-stoppers at the external doors. So. A draught-stopper it was.

I hauled out my scrap-fabric bag, full of all the bitty bits from sewing projects, old socks, that sort of thing, and selected three quite long socks (two was not quite long enough). I clumsily sewed up the holes that had landed them into the scrap bag to start with. Then tucked the heels inside and sewed them so the socks were more tubes than sock-shaped. Then cut the toes out, and the cuffs off, and sewed them into a long tube.

Miss4 helped me stuff the long tube with further fabric scraps, we tied the end off, and voila! One draught-stop snake made completely of recycled/salvaged materials.

I'll have to think of a different method for my front door snake, as I haven't any more socks with holes in, but the internet abounds with patterns for these things. And really, I can sew a tube without a pattern :)

One more step along the conscious-living pathway.


EllaJac said...

I just got your latest comment, and no, I haven't left any unpublished. I wondered if there was another one somewhere... seemed like you referred to it in the 'one before last'. I'm sure it was full of great debate, too, and I'm sorry to have it lost in the ether! You're welcome to try again, if you want... It is so frustrating to get your ideas and points down, and then have it go up in smoke! So sorry!

home handymum said...

blast. shall have to try again :)

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