Jul 12, 2008

tool time, people

Our Play Fort arrived yesterday! So we spent several hours today getting started on putting it together. My Dad came and helped out for a couple of hours this morning, digging holes, getting the posts in and the floor level. Then friends arrived for lunch and we had a break from fort-building to make sushi!

After our friends departed we spent about another hour and a half putting the top walls in before darkness and dinner.

If the weather holds we'll finish off tomorrow by bracing the legs, attaching the climbing wall and ladder, and cementing the posts into the ground.

I'm so excited! I would have loved to have a tree house as a kid, so I'm pleased to have one now that I'm a grown-up. Even if the kids spend no time in it (which I think unlikely, given how many times we had to lift them down off the step-ladder today), but even if they don't, I think it will be a great place to lie down with a cold drink and a book come summer time!

Almost as good as a hammock - or perhaps even better - there's nowhere to rest your drink to turn the page in a hammock.

So I'm hoping that the promised Southerly Change will hold off for another day. It was supposed to come yesterday afternoon, and then this afternoon, but as you can see from the pictures, there has been not a sign of bitterly cold Antarctic winds, sleet or even rain.

Long may it continue!

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