Jan 7, 2009

I must be doing something right

Whenever I put Miss1 down for her afternoon sleep, I give Miss4-and-almost-5 a chance to get anything she would like to play with out of the room. They share a bedroom and so there is usually a half dozen toys and/or books that get ferried from the room and dumped in a pile in the hallway, just in case she might need them in the next couple of hours.

Recently, we had the following exchange...

Me: I'm about to put [Miss1] down for a sleep, it's time to get anything you need out of this room

Miss4-and-almost-5: (with a slightly puzzled frown on her face) But there's nothing I need in here.

Me: (in utter disbelief) Really?

Miss-4-and-almost-5: (as if explaining the obvious) There are lots of things that I want, but nothing that I need. They're not the same thing, you know.

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