Mar 9, 2008

Prayer Request, if you pray

For my friend Anna who is in hospital with placenta previa. Her pregnancy is not quite 34 weeks, and she is scheduled for a caesarian on April 3rd, but on Friday night began contractions and had a major bleed. They prepped her for an emergency caesar at 2am Saturday, but things settled down and the bleeding stopped. For now she is on total bed-rest and being very closely observed.

Please pray for her safety and the safety of baby Maia. For some reason I have complete confidence that baby Maia will be just fine, but I am secretly (well, not so secretly now that I've just blogged it!) fearful about Anna not making it through. Probably more to do with Mum's death than anything else, but I can't really shake it.

Basically, the concern is that the placenta will fail and she will massively haemorrhage. The likelihood of this is quite high - that is why she's been in hospital for 2 months already.

So, prayers much appreciated :-)

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