Oct 14, 2008

reading in the dark

It's about three quarters of an hour since the girls went to bed, and I've just discovered that Miss4 is even more of a replica of her mother than I'd thought. She was curled up in the passageway with a book trying to read in the dim light coming through the glass front door.


So I sent her to bed with dire warnings of eye strain and short-sightedness (I've been very short-sighted since I was 8 years old), then had a quick conversation with her Dad.

The choice is either to ban night-time reading or to allow it under the covers with a torch (so as not to disturb her sister).

We figure that if she's anything like either of us (and boy is she like us both), she'll disregard the banning of the reading and just continue to read via streetlight and moonlight. So, the torch it is. We shall have to get one of those dynamo ones so we don't go through lots of batteries.


EllaJac said...

Hehehe... I love the subtle differences in our dialects. If someone suggested my daughter read by "torch"light under a blanket, I'd be pulling out the fire extinguisher!

Thank you for the liver suggestions. I've never had pate, let alone made it. Can you suggest a specific recipe?

home handymum said...

Hi ellajac,

I've been caught by the 'torch' / 'flashlight' thing before, when suggesting items needed in an emergency kit at an online community some years ago. Caused a little confusion for a small while!

I've posted a beef liver pate recipe as a comment on your blog. Hope it goes down well!

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