Jul 31, 2010

Nope, we're not dead

That's right - still in the land of the living. Life is pretty full around here and blogging has taken a back seat (which, with a people mover, is a loooong way back).

Some of the things taking my attention and energy at the moment are

the kids
Of course. Beautiful, smart, funny, engaging, energetic, hilarious and infuriating by turns, my babies take up by far the most of my time. And most days I love it. At the moment I'm using a more 'Classical' approach to the education bit, and it is working well - it satisfies my own need for actually feeling like we are 'doing something', but because it is very literature based it's not boring worksheets or make-work and the kids like it. Miss6 is still the only one I really require to do any work, but Miss3 hates to be left out and begs to do maths too... so what's a Mum to do, except bring out the flash cards for her too? MrBaby will be Mr1 next month. Boy has the last year flown by!

If you mosey over to this blog you'll find our local home education support group. I've been neglecting this blog in order to look after that one.

And I recently somehow found myself on the committee for the National Council of Home Educators. Which has been kinda busy this last couple of weeks with lots of adminy type stuff.

And that's about it, really.

See you next time!


Megan and Dave said...

Just stumbled over your blog. Looking for a chicken dome.
Found you in NZ.
Found you with kids homeschooling.

Us too

home handymum said...

Hi Megan and Dave!

Lovely to 'meet' you. snap :) There are a few of us around aren't there?

I have in recent months decided to switch to something more permanent for the chooks - in part because we want to expand the little flock and in part because the door gets left not quite done up properly and it's getting embarassing to keep rescuing our neighbour's gardens from maruding chickens.

But it's a good little dome for what it is, and will probably do us for a while yet!

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