Jan 6, 2008

I have dirt under my fingernails

Even with the gardening gloves on, I have dirt under my nails. Because... (and I'm pretty excited about this!)... I actually did gardening today.

Weeding, and trimming back the hedge so people can open the gate without fighting off the Ent. Very satisfying, although, as usual, I've left the weeding until after the weeds have set seed all over the place. But satisfying all the same :)

Zero Waste stuff:
- last night I made a cloth menstrual pad, as per instructions from here. Very straightforward instructions and easy to do if you know how to make your sewing machine do 'zig-zag' (or 'serge', as the instructions call it). I had made one ages and ages ago, using the same instructions, and do very much prefer cloth to plastic, but just hadn't gotten around to making any more. In combo with the Keeper, (which I've been using since after Miss3 was born, and wouldn't be without now) I think I'd only need about 4 or 5 pads.
- biodegradable baby wipes go all fluffy and like cotton wool if you put them through the washing machine. I have thrown them into the compost heap and will see what happens to them in time.

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