Jan 10, 2008

Oh, we are soooo energy-frugal now!

Today we wrapped our hotwater cylinder. ta daa!

I read somewhere the other day that if your cylinder is rated anything other than AA or AAA you should invest in some insulation for it. I dutifully toddled off to the hot-water cupboard, and what do you know?


But of course. So today we gave our cylinder a snuggly warm coat. It was not as straightforward as it first appeared. After much wiggling of the cylinder to get the wrap to fit between cylinder and wall, we gave up on the last bit and just jammed it in place - so about 10cm of cylinder is not cosily warm, but we figure anything is better than an F.

And just don't ask about the various tapes we tried - suffice it to say that a whole roll of duct tape went into the bin as being distinctly substandard (it did not adhere, neither did it have strength), and the foil tape was just like sticky tinfoil, and just as flimsy. Yay for masking tape; is there nothing it cannot do?

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