May 26, 2008

The answer to everything

We had takeaways this evening. I am discovering that Mondays are often a complete write-off in terms of domestic activity. Theoretically I'm supposed to do my big weekly clean on a Monday, but I can't remember the last time that happened. Usually I also plan things like meeting up with a friend to pray together, cooking dinner, being an attentive Mummy and all that sort of stuff as well.

Today, all I accomplished was putting washing on the line too late in the afternoon to actually make any difference to its dryness, and attentive Mummying. Oh, and I was going to make a bean thing for dinner, but I've been boiling those beans for ages and they are still tough.

So. Takeaways.

From an American burger chain that shall remain nameless, but is not the one with yellow arches.

So, the kids had cheeseburgers, so we could claim the pickle as a vegetable. Merl had a double-w**pper with cheese, so had lettuce, onion, pickle and a tomato slice. I tried a new triple-stack burger. I searched the burger, but came up with nothing that could possibly be called a vegetable, except perhaps the steak-sauce in a distant past life might have contained some tomato essence. Further searching revealed a bit of 'bacon' (possibly), and so I announced "Ah, here we go. Bacon. That's a vegetable."

Miss4, naturally, protested this statement.

When Daddy said, "But, why isn't bacon a vegetable?" she looked a bit bewildered for a bit, then triumphantly played the explanation trump-card...

"Because that's how God made it."

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