May 3, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me

I turned 31 today!

I had a lovely day, and just went out for dinner on the spur of the moment with Merl and the two kids. The Lone Star do good family dining, with a high chair and things to colour in and a menu that Miss4 wanted to order from. Also, they are open for dining from 5pm, which would have been unthinkably early for us only 5 years ago, but with kids in tow has become a necessity.

Then, on returning home, we had some luvverly chocolate cake with plums and cream, which my Auntie Kay had dropped around earlier in the day. The Pavlova that Dad brought around will be eaten tomorrow.

Friends and family have given me such lovely thoughts and gifts that it really was a perfect day, with only a thread of sadness running through it that Mum wasn't here to join in. Just can't help thinking "I wonder what we'd have been doing today if Mum were still alive".

sigh. This whole next week is going to be hard, with all the Mother's Day advertising around - even without a TV and not listening to commercial radio I feel swamped by it.


roseyphoenix said...

Hiya Sweetie, Happy Birthday!
Thinking of you and sending you happy thoughts.

home handymum said...


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