Aug 30, 2009

He's arrived!

Mum a bub are both doing well. Mr0 was 10lb (4.53kg) when he got weighed. We don't know yet how long he is but he's already out of the 00 size stuff.

Now to survive night feeding...


alecat said...

Oh, congratulations!!
I'm so glad you posted some pics. :)
Hoping you can get enough rest and enjoy your newest bundle.

Anonymous said...

Oh wow! Congrats HHM!


Anonymous said...

Well done and congratulations :)
Great photos!


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful time

dorothy said...

fantastic news, glad to see you both looking so well !

What a glorious boy you have there :)

Penny said...

Oh this is so cool! Congratulations! So looking forward to seeing more photos. Love to all of you, Penny xo

ellen said...

congratulations !! from Ellen and Trev
he looks a very long baby and almost did not fit on the weighing machine?
I am sure two little sisters will be so excited
we think you have chosen super names
a surprize will arrive in your mail for three this week
love , Ellen

Anonymous said...

WOAH BABY! They just about needed a bigger weighing machine! Congratulations guys!! :)
Love Michelle

Rainbow Divas said...

Congratulations!! He is just gorgeous!! A size I can relate to as well, he weighs as much as our smallest!!

Enjoy your special newborn, you will have two fabulous helpers I am sure!!


home handymum said...

I should amend this and say that he's out of size 0000 already - most (but not all) of the 000s still fit (just)!

Waz said...

Big congratulations! Love to you all. -Waz

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