Aug 10, 2009

still hanging in there

Just a short note to say that I haven't forgotten about my blog, but nothing has happened around here that has struck me as particularly bloggable lately.

So I'll just give you the boring update...

The baby and I are now past the 37 week mark, and my midwife says that 37-42 weeks is 'full term' so if I go into labour now then that is a good thing.

Bring it on, I say.

The quilt is finished - I sewed the binding on last night, and it got washed this morning. I was a bit worried about this as the quilt had some rust stains in it from when my Mum stored it - she'd (very uncharacteristically) left the needle stuck into the fabric. 25 years in a not-always-dry cupboard does horrible things to needles. But, wonderfully, most of the marks came out with a very ordinary warm wash on the delicate cycle in the machine. There's a brownish shadow where the worst mark was, but it's not very obvious, and I'm now confident that it will come out with a gentle spot remover. So that's brilliant.

I'd post a photo but the camera is packed away in the 'going into labour, get me to the hospital' bag, and I just know that if I take the camera out of the bag, it won't make it back in, and the poor child will the first one without newborn-birth photos. So you'll just have to use your imaginations. It's a 'Grandmother's flower garden' single-bed sized bedspread - slightly shorter than a proper single blanket, but wide enough to sleep under without gaps at the side. Mum used calico as the background colour, with the 'flowers' being navy blue centres, with bluey floral then green gingham surrounds.

I finished it with a straight binding, no border, since this was the easiest thing to do. Before she died, I did ask Mum how she'd intended to edge it, but with the combination of a 25 year time-lapse and chemotherapy induced exhaustion, she (understandably) couldn't remember. There were a couple of half-hexagons missing from one edge, too, so I compromised as best I could, and I'm pretty happy with the result.

That's about all that's been happening here - hopefully there will be news of the happy variety in the near future. I tell ya, if this baby goes over the 40 week mark, I will cry.


Penny said...

Hey, I am thinking of you all the time, and looking forward to the news. Good reasoning re the camera. Mine made it to Christchurch for my identical twin great uncles 80th b-day, but didn't work. Does yours have working batteries?

Anyway, sending you all my love and good wishes.

Love Penny

cannopener said...

Take the camera out of the bag. Sure way to induce labour.

home handymum said...

I did take the camera out of the bag, and it had run out of batteries! All charged up now and spares in the bag too.

No labour yet, though. At least, not one that progresses beyond the 7 minutes apart, lasting 1 minute stage - it did that pretty much all day on Friday, and then stopped about 10pm.

ho hum

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