Nov 3, 2007

Miss3 and the baby goat

Last weekend Miss 3 and I went out to a farm to pick up some unpastuerised milk (which has it's detractors). Along the way we saw and fed the calves, as well as a wee goat kid that was 10 days old.

When I was recapping her day with her that night, we had the following exchange:

Miss3: And at the farm, there was a billy goat, and a nanny goat, and a baby goat!

Me: What do you call a baby goat?

Miss3: It's a baby goat. That's what you call it.

Me: A baby cow is called a calf. And a baby goat is called a kid. And you are a child.

Miss3: No, I'm not a child. I'm a darling.

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