May 24, 2008

Quotable quote - church community

"...there has been a clearer recognition that [the church] community is not an end in itself but a means toward ministry and mission."
Ronald L Klaus, as quoted in Living More Simply. edited by Ronald J Sider.

Thank goodness for that. Churches should not merely be happy groups of people getting together each week to pat each other on the back about how nice they are and sing praises to God.

Yes, we are created to worship. We are also created to work with God to bring reconciliation and healing to the world.

Having wholeheartedly said that, I am aware that my life is basically inward focused, but am being challenged to risk more and be less security-focused.

Not sure where God will lead us, but if it prevents us living a life of mediocrity and small dreams then I'm tentatively for that.

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