Aug 10, 2008

worship as an every day occurrence

A quote from my devotional reading for the weekend

Once I worked at whipping up a feeling I could call "worship." No more. I have lived consciously in his presence long enough to know him, to recognize his pressure on my heart and mind. We've been together long enough so that fixing supper, changing the ribbon in my typewriter, and riding a bike around my shell road have become almost sacramental. This does not indicate my "holiness." It indicates his - his holiness and his drawing power for my heart or for yours.
Eugenia Price

Sorry for the long absence, people! We were away visiting Merl's parents for a few days, and then almost as soon as we returned we've been felled by the 'flu. And it's a bad one. I've been taking the maximum dose of Codral Cold and Flu with Cough Suppressant and I still feel like death on a hot plate and have spent most of the weekend in bed. Miss4 is also sick - she fell asleep on the floor at the library on Friday, poor wee miss.

Fortunately Merl has the constitution of an ox and has been Super-Dad. hooray.

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