Jun 6, 2009

Found it!

Or rather, the internet has told me where to look for it, and I will do so as soon as the weather stops being truly awful.

Found what? you ask... The dipstick! Of course.

It's in the most logical place imaginable.

Under the front passenger seat.

How silly of me. Of course I should have looked there.

Apparently the Toyota Estima/Previa/Tarago (depending on which country it is sold in) is a "mid-engine car". So the engine is mounted under the front seats, not all out the front under the bonnet. Which makes sense when you actually look at the vehicle - there isn't enough room out the front for an engine.

But does make it an exercise in lateral thinking when looking for things you would normally find under the hood!

On the plus side, my Owner's Manual should arrive this coming week, so hopefully it will hold the answers to all future questions of this nature.


Anonymous said...

ah, I was about to mention DML - bought a manual for the Demio from them, for, much the same reason (Annoyingly I could probably have found out from the Haynes manual in the city library - hiho)


home handymum said...

I'm quite excited - it's the first time I'll actually own the manual that goes with my car! I am interested to see what sort of information it will have.

Penny said...

I'm so glad its not just me that still gets excited about the most unexpected things!

Makes for a much more interesting life than those less imaginative adults around... luckily, I don't live with one and it seems as though you don't either.

Take care, Penny

home handymum said...

D - The one time I've tried to locate a car manual at the library it was lost/stolen - apparently a common fate for these things at libraries :( Even with them being being-the-desk Reference books.

Penny - it's all about taking pleasure in the little things in life! After all, that's really what most of our lives are made up of, isn't it, and if you can't find joy in those, then it must be a bit bleak I think. Viva la quirky excitement!

home handymum said...

I meant "behind the desk"

Penny said...

Yes, I agree completely. Life is too short. The little things really are undeniably pleasurable (just slept in clean sheets last night for example - bliss!).And I like the idea of the reference books "being" the desk (spot the former librarian).

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