Jun 9, 2009

Why Jesus never married

I'm sure this has been a burning question for you. Certainly Miss5 was pondering it on our way home from church on Sunday.

Here is the dialogue that ensued...

Miss5: Jesus never married

parent (can't remember which of us said what, but its immaterial): that's right

Miss5: 'cos Jews never married

parent: Ah, no. Jews get married. It's just that Jesus spent all his time telling people about God.

Miss5: Yeah. Instead of getting married and getting his wife to do it.


So now you know.

As I recall, we were both laughing too hard to set her properly straight on this one, although I think we did make an attempt...

1 comment:

Catherine (Alecat Music) said...

A loaded statement!!!
I would have laughed quite a bit too. :)

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