Nov 16, 2007

Sloth is green

A list of the ecological benefits of the 'deadly sin' of slothfulness.

Just a side comment, though. There is no scriptural basis, to my knowledge, for the Seven Deadly Sins to be considered any more deadly than any other sin. From my understanding, although the bible has much to say about idleness and the refusal to work, there is also warning about pointless busywork - God ordained a whole day of rest each week, afterall. So with that in mind, I can't really consider waiting for a full load in the dishwasher to be sinful.

So, on with saving the planet by doing less!


Cannopener said...

Just been reading a book on the 7 Deadly Sins - they're not listed in Scripture but there's been a long tradition examining them. Sometimes there have been 8, some things have been dropped, added and amalgamated. The reason they're 'deadly' is not because they're particularly worse than anything else, but in fact they're collections of behaviours and attitudes that can, and if unchecked, will, come irrevocably between us and God. In the book sloth is closely linked with depression, and is not so much sitting down from time to time, but having the attitude that effort is futile and there's no point ever trying to [insert goal here]. This is saying that God is not all-powerful or all-loving, which is a sin.

Look at anger, too. Jesus was angry, sure, but it was always accompanied by a deep sadness for the sins of the people who had aroused that anger. For some people, anger is a state of mind. That's the sin.

Synchronicity, eh?

Anonymous said...

Cannopener says: Hey, where's my comment?

Anonymous said...

oh, there it is.

home handymum said...

cool. I love it when weird things line up like that.

oh right. that's what you mean by synchronicity :) well, it's late...

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