Nov 28, 2007

what summer is all about

We are heading into summer here, and although today's weather has me scurrying for the thermostat and a jersey, last week we had some lovely days. This photo was taken on Sunday morning before we headed out to church.

This is what summer is all about.


cannopener said...

We went to the beach for tea the other week, bought fish and chips at the nearby shop, ate them on the grassy bit by the playground then went for a walk on the sand. Boys buried my legs, dug a hole so the water would come in, built and jumped on sandcastles, etc. Best time we've ever had at the beach - no wind, no stress of taking too much stuff and expecting too much, no sunburn. Then boys straight to bed when we got home so no crankiness. Bliss!

home handymum said...

sounds lovely. roll on summer proper!

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