Dec 3, 2007

Curtain-linings - to promote sleeping in. We hope.

I sewed linings onto the curtains in the girls' bedroom this morning.

The sun is rising about 5.30am these days and I for one am heartily sick of being up well before the alarm clock starts talking at 6.30am. It is not our curtains that are the problem, of course, but the curtains in the room of the small ones.

So today I sacrificed an old brown flat sheet (Queen sized and hardly ever used), tore it in half, hemmed it and sewed it to the back of the curtains. The curtains themselves are a lovely dark royal blue indian cotton, but the weave is quite open and they're not good light-blockers. I have already lined one set of these curtains with the remains of a white sheet, but that is not a great light blocker either. I am hoping for better results with the brown sheet. It's a slightly thicker weave sheet too, by the feel of it.

Big sheets are great for when you want large expanses of fabric - they're already hemmed and selvedged, and they're usually wider than you can reasonably buy per metre at the fabric shop. Best of all, they can usually be picked up for practically nothing at second hand stores, making them green and affordable.

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