Dec 7, 2007

Vote for Mr Splashy Pants!!

Greenpeace have a digipoll going in which you can vote to name a Humpback whale.

Now, Mr Splashy Pants may not be the most dignified and majestic of things to name a whale, but it is the most likely to get 5 seconds of news time, and be turned into T shirts and bumper stickers. And that is what it is all about. Especially when the goal is to raise American outrage at the slaughtering of whales by the Japanese.

Of course, we kiwis are already outraged by this as a nation. I'm keen to do anything (even name a gracious singer of the deep Mr Splashy Pants) to let the outrage spread.

But hurry, today is the last day to vote! (sorry, I only found out about it here 10 minutes ago)

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