Sep 6, 2008

frugal ice blocks

And I mean super frugal :)

Somehow or other my kids have developed a taste for plain water ice blocks. Yep, just frozen water. They actually prefer them to sugary flavoured ones. Which is awesome on so many levels.

My sister in law bought us an ice cube try similar to these last summer.

It had sat there utterly unused until Miss 4's tonsillectomy. She really wanted cold drinks, and ordinary ice-cubes won't fit into a sipper bottle. But these do!

And then Miss1 wanted in on the act. She is currently teething (in a continual, no end in sight, sort of way). Chewing on these ice sticks was her idea of a super-duper treat. Which made Miss4 think she was missing out on a super-duper treat...

So now, almost every day, I wrap one end of the ice sticks in a little cloth and both girls happily slurp and chew their way through a stick of frozen water. I get little updates from Miss4; "Look what I did to it now!" "See how pointy it is?" "Hah! You didn't know I just bit it off, did you?". Miss1 will finish it up then tap me on the leg (tap tap tap) and direct me (using a no-nonsense finger point) back to the freezer to get her another one.

On the other hand, the home-made frozen-yoghurt and peach ice-blocks that I made specially have been taste-tested and rejected. C'est la vie. I'll get to eat them myself.

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