Sep 16, 2008

peasgood nonsuch

Apple peasgood nonsuch

The stick in the ground next to the glowing beauty is an apple tree seedling. I liked the name Peasgood Nonsuch as soon as I first saw it in a catalogue last year. Since then 2 different people have been very enthusiastic about Peasgood apples that they've grown and eaten. So when I saw them in the local nursery it was a done deal. This one is on an M9 dwarfing root-stock so hopefully won't get too big (but also hopefully won't stay too small either - I'm hoping it won't fall victim to too-vigorous horseplay by les enfants).

I also planted the thornless blackberry today. I'm pretty excited about blackberrying without getting scratched!

And we had a surprise gift of strawberry plants. One of Merl's workmates has more plant babies than he has room for, so we very gratefully relieved him of about 20 strawberry plants. They are on my list of things to get planted tomorrow, along with the comfrey and the final apple tree...


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