Sep 1, 2008

We have our little girl back!

Miss4 is bright as a button and full of energy. I have not seen her looking this well for a very long time. Removing her tonsils and adenoids appears to have improved her overall health immensely. My guess is that she's sleeping better because she can breathe more freely, and being properly rested is flowing on to being generally very well.

I haven't seen her this... I guess 'vital' is the best word... for probably 18 months. When she was two she had this high energy enthusiasm and glowing good health, but she has been just 'run down' for so long I had forgotten. Yay.

The grommets have done a good job too. She wasn't completely deaf but she was missing the ends of words sometimes so it will be good for her to hear properly.

We are very very pleased we did it.

In other news, Grandma (Merl's Mum) arrived for a surprise visit this weekend! It really shouldn't have been a surprise but I completely neglected to write it down in the calendar when it was arranged and it had slipped my mind. Still, no harm done. She texted me as she got into the airport shuttle so I was still able to have morning tea with Dad and make it home to clear her bed off before the shuttle arrived - we're always among the last suburbs they deliver to since we're not really on the way to anywhere else. A good weekend was had by all. Miss1 didn't have any period of shyness with her Grandma this time and launched straight into her charm offensive, and Miss4 was, naturally, over the moon. Lots of good family time.

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