Jun 17, 2008

And now for something completely different

Enough with the preachy self-congratulatory, pompous posts, we hear you say! (or at least, I imagine some of you are thinking).

Well, as those of you who know us will know, we do lapse into boring self-congratulation/philosophising from time to time.

Sorry, sorry. Can't promise it won't happen again, because I know for sure it will, and probably sooner rather than later :)

But I do note a complete absence of funny stories/garden stories/children stories this month.

So, as light relief, I offer photos of our garden in winter. Partly so you can see that 'winter' in this part of the world very rarely involves snow, (although it does quite often frost), partly so you can see that our dream/vision/goal of a permaculture-ish abundant food-producing haven is almost purely castles in the air. A work in progress, if you're being kind :)

Or at least, I will, once the camera batteries recharge...

[truly, I got half way through writing this post, went outside to take some photos and the camera turned itself off. We only have one set of rechargeable batteries, and so we will have to wait until they're full up again...]

Does this post win the prize of most pointless blog post yet? I sure hope they don't get more pointless...

[photos finally posted here]


rochelle said...

Thanks so much for the newspaper clipping- arrived safe and well- someone kind must have figured out our new room... so exciting to get mail from home! Thanks again, xxxr

home handymum said...


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