Jun 25, 2008

"down to earth" website

Here is my current favourite simple living website


The author is an Australian who has, with her husband, turned their backs on rat-race wage-slavery. Lots of lovely stuff on simple living with elegance and grace.

Also, she keeps chooks - a current wanna wanna of mine :)

On the home front, we had SNOW yesterday! Didn't stick around for long, which a few teacher friends of mine will be sad about (snow is such a rare occurrance here that people are not used to driving in it, the roads aren't really built for it, and so the school buses don't run on snow days - the schools have a 'snow day' about once every couple of years). This pic taken by Merl while it was still snowing about 3pm yesterday afternoon. Merl took a day off and had a great time being parent help at kindy and generally staying inside keeping warm :) We had a nice day yesterday.

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Anonymous said...

That snow looks like a hideous skin condition! :)

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