Jun 16, 2008

Two things to teach your children - a merl post

I was talking with a friend at work about child raising and my arms were getting really sore from patting myself on the back all the time.

It got to a point where I said "There are really only two things that you need to teach your kids: _________ and _________."

I wonder, if you could only teach your kids (or kids-to-be for some) two things, what would you choose, and why?


Anonymous said...

obedience and lover

Anonymous said...

Obedience and Love

home handymum said...

Welcome Lauren!

truly, I would find it hard to do without those on a daily basis!

Merl's workmate, with whom he had the initial discussion chose
1. the ability to say 'no' to things
2. to think about how other people are feeling

(I think I got that second one right, but I'm not certain, I'll check later)

Anyone else like to share?

merl said...

Actually, his two were

1. Being prepared to try new things
2. Bring able to say no to things.

Mine was

1. Empathy for others
2. Responsible for yourself

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