Feb 2, 2008

birthday photos

Miss1's birthday was last Monday and the week has gone by so fast I haven't gotten around to posting photos yet. So here they are - just a couple. I'll get some more from my Dad and my Aunt. Hopefully somebody remembered to take a photo with Miss1 and the cake - I completely forgot!

In other news, I found this great site for all about cloth nappies - Boise Cloth Diapers. It's got a great list of all the options, the pros and cons of different fabrics, how to look after the different types of covers, and most usefully, a good troubleshooting page with tips on what to do if your waterproof covers aren't waterproof anymore - which has been a problem in our house! The answer is to get some waterproofing stuff from an outdoors store. (well why didn't I think of that!) So I compromised and used some Dubbin - hopefully it will work as well on PUL as it does on leather! Thanks to Planet Green for the tip.

Am also immoderately pleased to have found the 12th Matthew Bartholomew mystery at the library. Medieval Mystery novels are a weakness of mine. So I will be neglecting my home and children for the next day or so until the mystery is resolved. Fortunately Merl and Miss3 are off to a birthday party this afternoon so that gives me a couple of hours for reading right there!

Oh I miss lying in bed on Saturday mornings and reading for hours and only getting up when I was too hungry to stay in bed. Unspeakable luxury!


EllaJac said...

Ok, browsing along here again, and TOO weird... My 'lifelong friend' grew up in Boise, ID! Her family is still there! Amazing. Scary.

home handymum said...

God is a funny Guy sometimes...

EllaJac said...

I'm wondering... my friend knows several young families, but I think she feels out-of-place (no kids of her own) or afraid to intrude on people with so many reponsibilities. If YOUR friend does have connections to Boise, I bet MY friend would enjoy meeting her... Of course, I can't put her name right out there, but before NZ she lived for a few years in Ireland. Does that help? :) I wish I could remember what church she said she went to down there, but I don't. Hm.. We'll figure this out, I'm sure! :)

home handymum said...

I've 'commented' my email address on your blog - don't let it get published! :-)

hope to hear from you in person :)

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