Feb 25, 2008

tiger tiger burning bright

On Saturday Miss3 went to a friend's birthday party. This friend and Miss3 actually share a birthday, but E's party was last weekend and Miss3's is this coming one (and we have another one to attend the day after... why has my preschooler got a fuller calendar than I do?).

The party was held at the Otago Museum's Butterfly house, which I have waxed lyrical about about before. The kids (all girls) had a 'butterfly food' morning tea, a trip through the butterfly house, made butterfly face masks and had their faces painted.

When I went to collect Miss3, I saw 5 little girls with their faces painted like butterflies, 2 who hadn't wanted their faces painted at all.

And a tiger.

Not one for conformity, our child :-)

Needless to say, her party will be 'jungle themed' - She has repeatedly told me that "it is not 'Jungle' - it is 'Lions and Tigers', cos we like to dress up and go ROAR". But I know for a fact that some of the kids coming would much rather be giraffes or monkeys than lions and tigers (a couple of the girls, funnily enough - the boys will be roaring around with the best of them), so a "jungle" theme it will stay.

For now we are expecting about 7 or 8 kids to come, so hopefully the weather will be fine, otherwise it will be utter chaos in our house this weekend!

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