Feb 9, 2008

Look what I made! Woolly leggings!

I used instructions from Joy's Cloth Diapers website. (one additional suggestion I'd make is to do all your seams in a zig-zag to let them stretch a little).

Starting with a $5 woolen jersey from the Op Shop (St Vincent de Paul, for those sticklers for detail), I chopped the sleeves off, and cut them flat. Then I roughly drafted the pattern based on Joy's instructions (tweaking to make it bigger) onto some scrap paper, and just chopped them out! The old sleeve cuffs are now the ankle cuffs, and there's a gusset and everything. I'm extremely chuffed.

The best bit is that they only took me an hour or so to make. Plain leggings take 6 times that long to knit, and I just do not do fairisle.

A few pairs of these will solve our winter trouser shortage for Miss1. So many of the cute little pants that you can get for 1 year olds do not fit over cloth nappies.

Now I just need to come up with something to do with the rest of the jersey. Originally I bought it to make overnaps, but since Dubbin-ing my Down-Undies, I'm back to having 5 that work very well.

The only sad bit is that I used to be able to show off my handiwork to Mum, who used to ooh and aah appropriately. Missing her just sneaks up on me in the middle of all sorts of activities.


EllaJac said...

Wow, excellent! I haven't tried any of the sweater-sleeve tricks; my older girls 'adopted' my sweaters I was felting (they fit them perfectly now!) and I haven't the heart to cut them up..

home handymum said...

I was really pleased with the result! I didn't want to cut up any of the sweaters we have here, which was why I bought one from the Op Shop - I hadn't gotten attached to it :-)

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