Feb 18, 2008

's been a long day

and it's only 2pm.

Don't know why I'm so tired! I'm not pregnant (before anyone leaps to any conclusions). I guess I just haven't been sleeping well. And looking after my friend's little boy, while he is a dream child to care for (self-directed in play, very easy company), is still quite tiring. This week and next I've got him for three mornings each week. Which is going to make birthday preparations for Miss3's party a little more difficult. Today I woke up with a grumpy headache, and Miss3 has been in Time-Out
twice (and was out at kindergarten all morning), and I spent the morning with Miss1 and JB at a friend's house, who is my 'prayer partner' and so we had a good prayer and study time this morning, which is great, but I wasn't planning on spending all morning there, but I did, and now it is afternoon and I just want to curl up on the couch and sleep, but Miss3 is LONG past the stage of needing day-time sleeps, and Monday is supposed to be my house-cleaning day, and I just can't get motivated.

and I don't know what is for dinner.

Oh well, time to babystep it I guess. yay for Flylady - "jump in where you are, you are not behind!"

OK, off to do my morning routine, which got lost in the bustle this morning and then we'll see where we are.

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