Jan 29, 2008

lions and tigers

Here is Miss1 having a ride in her new trolley, which her godfather made for her birthday. I am very impressed by his woodworking skills - and I think he is too! Miss3 loves being able to trundle her little sister around and around the house, and so far Miss1 loves it more. Long may that continue... You can see here Miss1 is wearing one of the 'tiger slippers' that Miss3 made for Miss1 for her birthday. Better photo tomorrow of the slippers if I remember.

In other cuteness news, Miss3 brought home a painting of brown and green from Kindy yesterday and told this little story to go with it...
"Once there was a poor old man who wanted to hunt a lion and he wanted to kill him. And he had no-one to go with him. No-one that is, except his sister. And then he went with his sister and the sister went "don't, don't don't," because she was going to be eaten. But he was the last lion, and all the other ones had been killed and eaten up, and then there'd be no lions. Then the lion saw them coming and he ate the gun that they were going to shoot him with and he ate them up. And they kept going on. And then the lion was still alive. Hooray! He was still alive! He was the happiest lion in the world. Because no-one wanted to kill him. Except the brother. The brother wanted to kill the lion too, and he went all by himself and then he saw the lion go "prowl, prowl, prowl," at him, and it was a big Mummy lion, and she was wanting to eat him. He ran back home, shut the door, locked it, so he wouldn't be eaten. Yeah! He stayed alive! And then he lived all by himself. And that's the end of the story."
The painting can be pictured as an aerial view of a forest with brown paths through it - the story is accompanied by pointing out where the lion and the people are walking around the forest. As soon as i realised what a gem this story was I got her to tell it to me slowly so I could write it down word for word.

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