Jan 26, 2008

Pic of homemade nappy

Well, here it is - the soaker pad on the left is made of a single flat nappy folded into quarters and then sewn as you can see. It gets folded into three, along the central seams, then inserted into the pocket you can see at the top of the fitted pocket portion.

The fitted bit was made from two flat nappies - two layers each side of the pocket. So baby has 16 layers of flannel to soak up the mess.

The nappy gets put on just like a disposable - the front portion comes up between the legs and the tabs reach around and wrap over at the front, but instead of pins of anything, we just put a sturdy Velcro-fastened overnap over the lot and away she goes.

The main saving from doing it this way is the folding. This set-up will take next to no time to get from the clothes line onto a bottom, whereas the flat nappies by themselves take a little more doing. Folding nappies is Merl's job, so this will free up maybe 15 minutes every 2 to 3 days. Not a huge saving in that light - but I'm thinking of giving some to a friend who has a much lower 'inconvenience tolerance threshold' than we do - this might just tip her over into considering cloth! I'll take some to show her and see what she thinks.

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