Jan 1, 2008

Happy 2008

Having spent all of Sunday night, and all of Monday feeling decidedly ill with a (hopefully) 24 hour stomach bug, the New Years was celebrated in an extremely low-key way in this household. Until... I woke at 12.05am to the sound of gunshots.

Now this is not the crisis that it might be in more urban parts of town - we can actually see farm paddocks from our house and it is rare but not unheard of for farmers to be night-shooting for possums (an introduced, TB-ridden pest species in this country). So after lying there for a bit, wondering what people were doing shooting things during the holiday week (and, I admit, wondering if there was a mass-murder occurring in the neighbourhood), I checked the time, did some more waking up and worked out it was fireworks.

Which was confirmed split seconds later by several "sphizzzz pop pop pop"s, as opposed to the BANG BANG BANG which woke me up.

And that was that - 5 minutes later it was all over and I rolled over and went back to sleep.

May all your 2008s be as peaceful and ultimately uneventful!

Zero Waste news:
- Cloth nappies are great, but do not contain diarrhoea very well.
- Sometimes you can fix broken useless plastic toys instead of throwing them away. Today I fixed Miss3's plastic hammer.
- Ditto for crockery cups - the handle came off one of our coffee mugs and instead of chucking it out I sealed over the raw edges with nail-polish. It remains to be seen how good a fix this will be, but in the mean-time only the handle has gone into the bin.

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