Jan 25, 2008

home-made fitted cloth nappies

Or 'diapers' for those who live in North America.

Today I made some pocket-nappies all by myself :-) Out of some old flat cloth ones that were way too thin to be useful the way we normally fold nappies. I looked up a bunch of different free nappy/diaper patterns online and then figured I could probably manage it from scratch myself.

It's past my bed-time right now, otherwise I'd take some photos and do a big tutorial on how I did it and pass on the free-pattern goodness. Maybe over the weekend.
[Find later blog post with pictures and explanation here]

My friend AB who went into hospital on Wednesday has been told she needs to stay there until the baby is born - up to 11 weeks away! So her son JB will be joining us for three mornings a week until further notice. If you are interested in following her progress and musings while in hospital her Livejournal is here. She's writing a paper diary and her hubby is typing it in for her each evening.

My baby will be Miss1 on Monday, so preparations are afoot. Miss3 decided that she'd like to give her baby sister some 'tiger slippers' for her birthday - so we bought the fabric and yesterday and today we together sewed them up on the machine (Miss3 helping by pushing the 'reverse' button as required). I'll post a photo of them too - after monday, cos they're all wrapped up just now. Used a 'charity pattern' found here.

We've decided that the girls get lots of cool presents from everyone else, so we'll be low-key for birthdays. Something small but special. This year it'll be a name-plaque for her wall and a pre-loved book from the Sally Army store. I'm making the name-plaque - actually painting a store-bought shape and mounting store-bought letters. Mum had bought the letters and given them to the baby for Christmas, so actually getting them mounted on the wall will be quite special.

The birthday is going to be very hard without my Mum. Its just so wrong that she isn't here to see them grow up.

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