Mar 23, 2008

Get thee gone, Oh big desk!

We just rearranged our Living Room!

Ever since we moved into this house I've been lobbying to replace our great big desk which took up a whole corner of our living room, and squished the couch up against the piano so we couldn't use it easily, and created a huge 'junk magnet' surface area, but no pay-off of drawers or shelves underneath it.

So, instead of just whingeing about it, I prayed about it with a friend last week (it only took me a year of being annoyed about this desk to think about asking God if there was a solution), and the next day I dragged Merl to a second hand office furniture shop and he saw a style that met some but not all of his requirements. And then the next day Merl was talking to someone from church who said "Oh, we're about to move house and need to get rid of some desks - just come over and help yourself!" So he had a look, and there was one that was just perfect! for free! yay.

So now we have a living room with couch and chairs in a cosy arrangement around a corner bookshelf, a very usable piano (hooray!), a computer out of reach of Miss1's fingers, and we rearranged the kids' books as well. So that's all good.

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