Mar 8, 2008

how to not stress out yourself and your preschooler

Thought this was a very kind and gentle article on preschool parenting. Yay for the recognition that failing to send your 2 year old to swim classes does not make you a bad parent!

Preschool Homeschooling
by Bev Krueger, Creator of Eclectic Homeschool Online

"Eager to begin assisting their children down the path of life many young parents schedule play dates, attend Mom and baby swim classes, and busily start planning all the necessary activities to give their baby a head start in life. At this early date they haven't yet realized they are trying to speed their way to the moment when that beloved child leaves their door for a life on their own. Yes, that's a moment all parents want their children to achieve fully prepared for the vagaries of life, but the closer you get to that moment the more time you wish you had. By the time your child is sixteen, you find them running willy nilly towards that goal themselves just when you're ready to relax and take it a little slower..."

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