Mar 18, 2008

Preparing for Passover

This year our homegroup (bible study group/cell group/life group/whatever term you like) is having a passover 'meal' again. Merl and I organised one in our last homegroup a couple of years ago, and it was really terrific. An amazing thing to experience a 'last supper' of our own, and to see even more ways in which Jesus fulfills prophecy - even prophecy that is not written, but is symbolic in the gestures and the foods (e.g. the hidden matzah that is striped, pierced and unleavened, then broken and hidden for a time then found to great reward).

We use a Messianic Seder found at these links: Preparation; Haggadah (words and instructions for the meal); Explanation. This Haggadah is a great one for us Gentiles, because it explains everything, as opposed to some that we looked at, written for use by Messianic Jews, which, naturally, assumed that you knew stuff about Judaism.

We will not actually have a meal as such - just the ceremonial foods, and maybe some cake or nibbles at the 'meal' portion of the service. Last time we did it, we cut out many of the optional bits and were still going 2 hours later. Which is great, and perhaps if we were all mentally ready for it being one of our big Feast Days, we'd have a big meal together as well. But since it is an interesting, albeit powerfully moving, thing to do in our homegroup gathering, keeping as close to our normal running time will be good.

So now I just need to hope that all the right stuff is available at the good supermarket in town. Once again, I have left my passover purchasing until the last minute :) Thankfully the actual Passover on the Jewish calendar is not for another month, so hopefully they won't be completely out of horseradish paste, and will have bought in the Matzah ahead of time...

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