Mar 22, 2008

Zero Waste Update

One of my two readers asked me the other day how my zero waste thing was going. So, herewith, an update.

I haven't posted any piccies in a while because our rubbish bags are back to one 45L bag each week. This is due to my decision to put Miss1 back into disposable nappies at night-time, following her horrible week-long open-sore nappy rash that cleared up overnight when we reverted to disposables. This, in addition to 3 additional disposable nappies a week from my friend's little boy, and voila - you have a recipe for full rubbish bags.

I am going to stop worrying about it. But perhaps we could keep our eye out for compostable disposables - I know they exist - but, in reality, how much composting goes on in a landfill anyway? Practically none. (Because most of the pile of refuse is anaerobic, so composting doesn't happen). So it would be a complete waste of money. So perhaps not :)

There, I've just talked myself out of a move that, while on the surface looks cool and green, is actually just a big waste of money. Go me...

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