Apr 19, 2008

And suddenly it is winter

We woke this morning to surprisingly cold weather. During the last week we've had some very fine sunny days that have been quite hot in the middle of the day. This morning there was snow on the tops of the hills - not in the hill suburbs of the city, but you could see that the Silverpeaks and the other high hills were snowy.


On the plus side, we found that a snow-suit that was passed on to us fits Miss1 just right!

I've put a weather icon onto the blog. The 8degC that it shows does not do justice to just how cold it feels! The wind is coming from the SW, and there's nothing between us and the South Pole except a few tiny islands and maybe a penguin or two.

Yesterday I started digging over the vegge patch to prepare it for winter. It was very dry so hopefully this rain will help things along. This week I plan to dig in a bunch of compost and then leave it for the frosts to do their work. I want to plant food crops into another area of the garden in Spring too, so I should tackle that bit of earth soon too.


EllaJac said...

hm. I thought we were supposed to have OPPOSITE weather than you. Funny, it's still winter here.

home handymum said...


We're back to autumn again now - proper autumn with clear sunny cold days and golden leaves dropping from trees.

Which is a bit of a relief - we've had such a long summer that it looked like we were just going to skip autumn this year and launch straight into winter. I'm not ready for it to get dark at 4pm yet!

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