Apr 12, 2008

Raiding the bookshelves

The girls and I spent the day around at Dad's house today, while Merl was at a children's ministry workshop. Aside from having a lovely day in the sun and eating his good food and just generally hanging out, I raided one of the bookshelves and brought home 2 supermarket bags full of books.

This is an ongoing project. My Mum was a big reader, but Dad is not. Dad is wanting to quietly remove most of the books from the house - part of his dealing with his grief. I, on the other hand, see many of these books as being an essential link with my Mum. Also, there are (or were until today) a bunch of my childhood books still there that I do not want to inadvertently end up at someone else's house.

Today's books included the following - all excellent books for kids about age 10 up

Little Women series, My favourite childhood 'girly' books (Anne of Green Gables came a close second)
Tanglewood Tales, A collection of retellings of Greek and Roman classical tales
Robinson Crusoe, Adventure story, good food for the imagination
The Coral Island, ditto
The Halfmen of O and The Priests of Ferris, classic young adult Fantasy by NZ author Maurice Gee.
The Small Woman, a Biography of Gladys Aylward, Missionary to China during the mid 20th Century
I, Elizabeth Tudor, by Arthur Groom. Biography of Elizabeth I (part of a 'junior historical fiction' series)
The Jungle Books, by Rudyard Kipling

I have very fond memories of all of these books (except Robinson Crusoe, which I suspect I have actually never read), and am looking forward to reading them again. I hope the girls will want to read them in time too - but even if they have no interest, I am happy to have them back in my house :)

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