Apr 18, 2008

A tough week in NZ

On Tuesday evening I first heard about 10 students, a teacher and an instructor missing during a camp at the Sir Edmund Hilary Outdoor Pursuits Centre. By Wednesday morning the news was all bad. 6 students and a teacher from Elim Christian College in Auckland died during a canyoning exercise in a flash flood. The instructor managed to help 4 students to safety, so much kudos to her for managing that. Unbelievable grief.

Yesterday 1000 job losses were announced in NZ - 450 of them in Dunedin. The Fisher and Paykel manufacturing plant and Tamahine knitwear both announced plans to close/move production off-shore this year. The other 500 jobs are to be lost from ANZ bank shifting part of its call-centre to India. Welcome to the recession, the weather's looking dodgy and unstable.

This morning we heard that a body found just out of Christchurch is probably that of a 15 year old girl who has been missing for 12 days. The early days of the search were hampered by all sorts of weird coincidences about her imitating a movie in which a teenager was kidnapped, speculation it was a run-away hoax etc etc. But it turns out it was probably something much more simple, brutal and tragic.



EllaJac said...

Wow, I'm so sorry to hear about such terrible things! Our news here is never very rosy, but I bet it hits closer-to-home in a smaller country... And I feel for you with the Indian Customer-Service thing. Ugh. They have issues, I think, with women - I've had them speak pretty derogatorily (is that a word?) to me in the past, and/or treat me like some simple-minded fool.

I will be adding the families of the lost to my prayers...

rochelle said...

Funnily, you and I have parallel blogs today... you're right though, a pretty rough week in NZ.

home handymum said...

Yes, a sad week.

Off-shore call centres has been happening for years. I've never had any problem with them, aside from the sort of incompetence I'd also expect from On-shore call centres :)

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