Apr 1, 2008

You mean I get to do this forever??

We were in the garden the other day, Miss4 and I, doing some drawing in our 'nature books'. At least, I was drawing a fuschia on a bit of scrap paper, while she was drawing 'grass' in her scrapbook.

She was chattering away, as is her wont, while I was drawing, and it became apparent that I wasn't really listening...
"I'm sorry love, I wasn't really listening, what did you say?"

"Why weren't you listening? When I was talking, Mum? Why did you just carry on doing your drawing and not be paying attention? Why did you?" (not hurt or sad or anything, just a continual stream of why why why...)

"Sorry, sweetheart, I was concentrating on my drawing. This is something I am just learning how to do so I need to concentrate so I can do the best I can.


"Because I'm still learning how to draw"

...silence for about 2 seconds..

"Wow! You mean Grown-Ups can learn things?!"


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