Apr 4, 2008

Have meat, will eat :)

Mmmmmmm. Meat.

My sister-in-law works on a mixed dairy-beef farm, and we finally got organised with another sister and a nephew and a friend to share a cow. yay.

We bought 1/4 of a beast, and it arrived over the weekend, all butchered and packaged into "3 person" portions. I am very excited.

I cooked up the first lot of it last night. Oh boy is there a lot of meat in one of those portions! These butchers are clearly used to packaging meat for country folks :) So it will be eat some, freeze some for the casserole cuts. Which works out very well, actually , as there are quite a few days when I get to 4.30pm and realise I have no idea what is for dinner, and I love being able to grab a home-cooked meal from the freezer.

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