Apr 9, 2008

sheep for lawnmowers

Weird news story bit.

Apparently in Turin the local council have decided to use the local sheep herds to keep grass verges etc short, rather than the usual ride-on petrol mowers. This is pretty cool. At first I thought it was an April fools hoax, but if it is, some big papers have been taken in.

Here's the Guardian's coverage

Here's where I first saw it - at Planet Green


Anonymous said...

Of course, the Guardian published a travel special on the island of San Serif on April 1st a few years (ok, a few decades) ago...
Still, a nice thought. {Grump about the patent stupidity of gatrden blowers deleted}


home handymum said...

Cool, so it might have been an April 1st joke. It did sound a lot like one...

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