Apr 26, 2008

Petrol with your caviar, anyone?

Today's petrol prices are:
Unleaded (91-octane) = 188.9c/L
Unleaded (98-octane) = 202.9c/L
Diesel = 156.9c/L

For you North Americans, that is $7.15, $7.68, and $5.94 per US fluid gallon, respectively. And you'd call it "gas" I believe :)

$NZ - but then, we're earning $NZ.

[For a price comparison on other stuff, a cup of cafe coffee costs $3-$4, an 'average' house $350,000 to buy, a month's electricity bill about $100-$250 (summer to winter - that's what we pay, anyway), a salary of $100,000 is considered high/upper management, a salary of $30,000 is considered low/labourer/new graduate.]


On other news:
  • My ankle is very much improved. Thank you for your thoughts/prayers/general good-vibes. I may be able to begin gentle stretch and strength type movements on Monday or Tuesday!
  • Miss4 got the flu today and has spent the morning running around madly and crashing into things, insisting she is not tired, and the afternoon sleeping and shivering and sweating and burning with fever. Am dosing her regularly with paracetamol and keeping a close eye. Fortunately my MIL is an extremely competent Nurse. If she's no better in the morning we're heading to the after-hours doctor. (It is always the weekend when kids get very sick!)

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