Apr 25, 2008

I hurt!

I have given my ankle a mighty twist, and it is very sore!

I was wheel-barrowing the leaf-mulch stuff from under our newly-trimmed hedge (thanks Dad!) around the house and dumping them in the garden, when I stepped down a step and into a hole.

I have carefully avoided that hole every time I have used our side gate for the last 15 months, but not this time.

So I am thankful for several things
- I am thankful that my Dad has titanium knees and therefore a ready supply of walking-canes. He delivered his tallest one up yesterday morning
- I am thankful that he also gave my kitchen a thorough clean yesterday morning, while I sat and put my foot up
- I am thankful that Merl's Mum is here to stay until Monday. She has been wonderful - doing laundry and all the other stuff that is very difficult to do one-legged (and one-handed - since my left hand is holding onto my cane)
- I am thankful that it appears to be not too severe a twist. The tendons are definitely damaged, but there's not significant swelling or bruising and much better mobility today than yesterday. (after my home-group members prayed for healing for it last night).


roseyphoenix said...

Ouch! I hope this gets better soon. When it has 'healed' take some time to do some exercises to restore your muscles to full strength (go slowly up onto your toes and back down, go up and down stairs landing on the balls of your feet then your heels, etc) - ankles are like knees and if the muscles are weak you'll re-injure them. Glad you're getting helping hands when you need them.
Big hugs xxx

rochelle said...

oh, bummer!! Glad to hear that you are being well looked after :)


home handymum said...

I've hurt this one before. Years of ballet has made me well accustomed to the old hurt ankle routine.

It's much much better today, although I've basically kept off it for the last 2 1/2 days. I went out of the house this afternoon and to the tamihine knitwear sale, and it was a bit achy this evening, but definitely nothing badly damaged. Just a bit of a yank I think.

Haven't needed the walking stick today - just a bit of a limp :)

Thanks for your thoughts and wishes!

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