Apr 5, 2008

Book Review - White Owl, Barn Owl

We got this book out from our library last week. Miss4 loves it. The illustrations are magical, and the gentle story of a Grandpa building a nesting box for barn owls then taking his granddaughter out in the evenings to quietly see if a barn owl appears is just lovely. "We were patient lots of times!" reads the text - just what I can imagine Miss4 saying.

The story is surrounded by good barn owl information - how they hunt, where they nest, what they eat, why and how they are so silent when they fly... A great 'living book' of natural history for picture-book aged readers.

At the end of the book are instructions for making a couple of types of nesting box, so you can help provide shelter for these increasingly endangered beautiful birds. They have a widespread distribution on Earth, but are endangered in some areas (like the Midwestern US) due to habitat destruction. More barn owl info here

Now I wish Barn Owls lived in NZ so we could build a nesting box!


Anonymous said...

pelliondance (livejournal) just found you by googling "cannopener". Don't know if this will work. Blogspot doesn't like me. I have a blog there, but since they went for these google registrations, I can't access it. When I tried to register, they told me my email address didn't exist. I recently tried to comment on someone else's blogspot blog, but no luck—possibly a friends only comment thing.

home handymum said...

Hi pelliondance. It worked :) Nice to see you here.

I've allowed comments from any user, so even if you can't log-in, you can still comment - and please do :)

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